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Renting sounds like a good strategy. No need to rush into anything - get your bearings first!

How I wish I lived in Sydney. I'd take that bed off your hands in a New York minute. Good luck with all the upheaval... at least you've got Tokyo and Paris to look forward to! I lived in Japan for two years but nowhere near Tokyo so no advice there except have a blast, m'dear. Hey, do I get an award for most place names dropped in one comment?


Oh I love those Prebuilt homes - especially the Pod. We have a block of land at the coast and were contemplating maybe one of these (future project). I'd be really interested to hear your experiences if you go ahead!

Having just lived out of an esky for the last couple of months - my tip to you is to put the butter above melted ice level.


Hi ,
I saw your beautiful halter neck dresses on Flickr- I too try to be a creative worker with a baby on the breast ( actually she's just finished YaaaaY!) Can you share the pattern for this dress, or is it a family secret?


Oh but Nan I will miss you. Post again soon, OK?

I vote for the Mod or the Pod. Gorgeous. Can you get your hands on a copy of Dwell magazine over there? I think you'd like it. Will send you one if not.


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