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I just love the footballplayer's mother.


wonderful... i love clothes lines:)


ohhh I love this. It reminds me of the wonderful post you did to the new year (https://tinyurl.com/d3rq7v) with that wonderful picture of a clothes line.


Nice, love washing on the line


Brilliant! Great assortment of patterns and colours. Wish we had a washing line, we have to hang our clothes to dry on an airer in the lounge...so unglamorous and it's always getting in the way!


Oh, thank goodness. I was concerned I was the only one with a washing line obsession or who stood back to admire the neat rows of a zillion sock singles (as much as I love organisation all matching pairs have wafted off into the sock ether). Lovely blog. Haven't been by before. But will be coming back.

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