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Lucy Bowler

Your mother's rug is beautiful - I can't possibly believe she's exhausted her supply of recipients?! But... they'll be very happy to have them in Mongolia, good on her!


I would be more than happy if your Mum wanted to extend her creative genius to me. That is motherflipping fantastic - divine, how many more adjectives can I extend here?
I'd love to meet you and your family tree of creative genius at Rosehill. I'll try my darndest to hook me up with a smallsitter.


Wish I could pop over for a hello. At least I have decided to unlurk...delurk..become lurkless? Your photos make me gasp and your blog is lovely. Much luck at the the show!


The red fabric in your first photo is gorgeous. Got to love a knitting mum - mine left here the other day with some wool and a pattern.


I would buy MULTIPLE copies of your book. Just saying.

Lauren - owlet

Beautiful space. Great colours and reeeeaaaallly jealous about your knitting mum.


Your mum does sound ace! Have a fabulous time at S&C.


I love the title of the book. Much better than whoever thought up Babylock Evolve. Sounds creepier the more I think about it.
See you at S&C. Now tell people you're going to an S&C show with the Babylock Evolve and see the eyebrow rise. ;)


Yet another gorgeous photo! Good luck at S&C.


Wow what a crafty pair you both are! I love your Mum's rug.

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