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I cannot believe you made that beautiful creation without a pattern! Simply gorgeous. And, I just know my sister (who is big on quilting and textile art) would just love to have a fabric stash like the one you have. Lee :)

Paige Turner

This is such a great little outfit, I'm very impressed with your talent!


You're very clever. I noticed you've changed your banner. I've started to do a weekly post of best pictures of the week and already had that one tagged for this weeks...do you mind if I use it? Attributed of course!


Hi - I just love all the colour and texture you use in your home, your garment making and your photos. My sister told me to come over and visit and I can see why you are one of her very favourite blogs.


you know, i can't either!! even when i try. i just veer off course. by the time i realize i've done it again it's too late. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.


love it- love the jacket, love the fabric love it all! have a great holiday.


oh i love it:::


Wow, where did you get the fabric for that jacket? It's awesome. Send me some! ;)


mmm, ditto regarding fabric for jacket...beaut, does it have a name and who makes it? And Ohhh, said jacket is So lovely, I have a similar red wool one that was my mum's, with matching shift dress a la 50's(?)...but your fabric choice is wowsaNow!

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