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She's a grand broad. Love her to pieces.

Judy Edmonds

Only been there once but thought it had great character!!


Dear Ms Rummage,

Your wordsmithery and moody pictures has me pea-green with envy, and busy plotting an excuse to get to Canberra again soon.

Autumn is always my favourite time there, but what's it like in late September???


Oh I love Tilleys. I grew up falling asleep under the table when it was the size of a single bedroom. It has slowly taken over half the shops in Lyneham.

Originally men weren't allowed in at all. Letting them in when accompanied by women happened later. Recently they have even hired a couple of male floor staff! My father still hasn't caught up. He still asks if I'm going to wear my overalls when I mention going there.

It was always a great place to study. They never give you 'the eye' and you can really spread out in those booths. The big tables are also perfect for Reading the whole weekend paper with friends over a slow brunch. Not that I've been able to do that for a while.

I bought my first alcoholic drink at Tilleys on my 18th. It was about 3:30pm. They gave it to me on the house.


one of my favourite places to hang out. reading this post has bought back many memories. We are visiting down south for christmas.... want to catch up? Maybe here?

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