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We're planning to come down in the next week or so - I want to go to the NGA and the small person has been nagging to return to Samurai & Cockington Green. I think I'll try and convince him to try Questacon rather than CG though - only so many minature windmills a person can take.

Must check out the oppy site first!


One of my besties has just moved to Canberra, I'm going to email her your blog link now :-) I also need to ask you for the best plant nursery for her!


It is a top spot sometimes isn't it? Although I never seem to do as well as you do at the op shops!


Shhhhh! I've been trying to keep the awesomeness of Canberra a secret for the last 20 years!!

Judy Edmonds

What a very beautiful comatose whippet it is too!!


Oh those are beautiful finds! I only wish I could find such treasures here in Canada but the Vinnies and Salvos here are pretty desperate. Even the Value Village has lost its lustre lately.

The Shopping Sherpa

Thanks for the I Op shout out.

Makes me feel guilty that I drove past two op shops this afternoon on my way to *gasp* buy new and retail...


What a lovely sleepy whippet! And great basket finds. Am off to the junk shops in St Leonards tomorrow. Can't wait. Have a lovely weekend.


I'm in love with the cushion covers.
I'd love tips on how to keep cushions holding shape - short of not using them.


Woah I'm so excited to find a canberra based blog. Nothing beats thrifting in the ACT. I lived there for many years and loved trash and treasure at jamison, op shops that seemed to be in each suburb, revolve at Mugga way and then later at mitchell, even revamped out at queanbeyan. sigh. My house is still full of my canberra 'treasures'.Tins were one of my weaknesses. I am desperately missing it - not much thrifting to be had in jakarta so really enjoyed reading this post. Although feeling a little hot under the collar that I am missing out! Thanks for sharing your finds.

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