Words I Like

  • "Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are." Alfred Austin
  • "My whole life has been spent waiting for an epiphany, a manifestation of God's presence, the kind of transcendent magical experience that lets you see your place in the big picture. And that is what I had with my first compost heap." Bette Midler

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OOoh, what's that in the top photo. Yes, I am sorry, my garden is also looking rather green. The olive tree I dug a whole garden for is looking particularly happy where I've put it in.

Great photos. Love the rusty urn!

beautiful pics. Our garden is parched too, the only saviour is washing machine water pumped out onto the back yard (eco safe washing pwder!) Makes a little green go a long way :)

Oh, I'm the same. I stand on the deck and *will* those clouds to come closer, and I curse them when they keep heading towards the coast. I can only hope that the farms are at least getting some of it on the way there!

There is so much I want to do in the garden, so many plants, a rose garden, more fruit trees - but we are so reliant on rain that it makes it seem too hard at times!

Your mum's garden is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing those photos.

Having just returned back to Melbourne after a weekend away in Canberra I think your rain dance has worked a treat! I hope your garden is looking a little happier now.

I so love your garden photos, particularly of succulents. My partner is very skeptical about my love of succulents - maybe I should show him some of your photos.

First time I have seen this flowers and they are unique though they are the only ones that I don't have in my garden.

For whatever reason, your mention of a dry garden conjured the thought of a book on my shelf, which I think you'd like. At least in spirit. If you haven't seen it, keep an eye out for _Derek Jarman's Garden_


It's charming in its small way.

oh ..I wish we could swap seeds...

and we went to the Derek Jamans garden , 3 weeks ago...I love it there and did change a part of my garden to a sea garden( not easy but I will get there one day)

I love your photographs and hope you keep on blogging here!

Lovely post and I love the pictures! keep them coming I thourghly enjoyed it

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