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Feels good to stick it to the man!


Beautiful, and I'd pretty much kill for that Sunday School flag...


Genius Nan, genius. I've always loved the look of linen-backing instead of mats - chipboard is the new linen I say. Tres bien.


I'm with you.
My sister paid $700 (she's obviously mental) to have a map of Australia framed for her 9yr old son (it WAS really big-still?).
I don't even lash out on Ikea frames - the ones at The Warehouse will do me.
I love the chipboard backing, too!


Sometimes reading your blog feels uncanny to me. I, too, have let the chipboard backing show. I, too, received a kuba cloth as a wedding present. Wish I'd thought to put the two together like you did though. You're always one step ahead of me, aren't you now Nan?


These are absolutely beautiful. The chipboard makes them look classy--how did you make that happen?

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