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What a lovely surprise to hear from you - Gorgeous photos! Hoope you are having a fantastic time! take care and see you soon xxx Emm


love, love, love


That red door is devine.


Doors are the perfect example of a liminal space between spaces. I love how each door suggests what it is a bridge between. Still, we can't be sure, can we?


Ooh that graffiti door is so naughty but so beautiful too. Who the hell would do that to someone's front door? Makes you wonder what or who is inside.


Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and i love it! The photos, the color, the found artifacts and the things you make... i love them all! Do you mind if i link here?

Keep up the great work!

Claire Falkingham

I was going to write: 'I love the blue door' but I really LOVE all these photos - just gorgeous and full of promise!


These doors are wonderful...all the variations.
Looks like you are having an amazing trip! Enjoy the rest of it and I look forward to seeing more holiday snaps. x

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