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Hyena In Petticoats


I'm SO keen to see what comes of this tea towel - I think we're going to have some brilliant results all round .....

As for the sadness thing - I've always felt some kind of comfort in sadness - the catharsis of a good cry, and that feeling that you get when you're so emotional - sometimes it makes me feel good that I can feel something so much..... I'm more afraid of being numb....
That being said, it's always good to see the light breaking on anew day, when you step through it and find yourself on the other side - I hope you get there soon!

lots of love,

Leah xxx


digging in the dirt has always helped me. I cannot wait to see the results!


Dyes made from the garden. Sounds wonderful. I have dyers' chamomile growing and it's in flower at the moment. I have been hoping to harvest some to try out.

Knowing when you're sad is a good thing. I say yah for being sad. To know you're sad must also means you know when you're happy. Yeah?

Account Deleted

It's great to see what you are doing with the beetroot. I do quite a bit of "eco-dyeing" but I haven't tried veggies yet. I do find stitching very peaceful and helps with the sadness. xxx


I have redone my link in the hope that you can see my blog and my dyeing ' cos my profile didn't look too good. xxx

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