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you should write a book,talk about colore & life
enjoy your weekend


Ahh it WAS you!!! I spotted that very lovely skirt today crossing the road to Salvos (no doubt you had better luck than I ???). Right after I was done gawking at your skirt (while I was driving) I then noticed your shoes then hat! That must be Nan... Gorgeous as usual!

Love Nina xxx


Great skirt.... And lovely shoes!

Briana C.

I am loving the shoes! Those are amazing, will you share where you purchased them?

pip of meetmeatmikes

Lovely lovely lovely!
If I wore those shoes I would look like a trussed up hock. But YOU look simply lovely!
That skirt looks ace too!


gorgeous curtain-wear Nan! bit partial to some myself...ahh that Maria..

Claire Falkingham

looks yum, and the sandals are spesh - vintage? (don't you dare say BigW)!!


You look so summery!! how fantastic! xoxo


I love those sandals - the colour's fantastic (she says owning a similar shade of burnt orange sandal). And the skirt. Lordy, I want one.


How very "Sound of Music..." (my fave part is when she makes curtain playclothes for the children...)

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