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Your pics are so lovely Nan. They make me want to be a tourist in my own town.

What a gorgeous list of lovely shops...almost enough to make me brave the Job Warehouse again.



Thanks for your guide of shops to check out in Melbourne, the place I live but haven't had time to explore. I now have a list of places to go the next time I have a kid free afternoon and money in my wallet, a rare occurrence but one can dream.


ohh, what a timley post, I'm going to Melb next week for a mini-break! will be sure to explore these suggestions


Hey , I see a job prospect here.
Guided tours with Nan.
I'd pay for that.

Kate Mason

Thanks so much - these all look delightful! Bookmarked for a future trip to Melbourne. :)


Ooh, jealous. Must book that weekend with the girls trip soon! Or should I wait for the guided tour thing :-)


Imagine my surprise to see jobs warehouse still there in its same "glory" Me and my partner in business used to go there to get our lovely wool fabric for our families coats. Loved the comments, curioser and slightly dodgy.Exactly!!!


OMgosh do NOT recommend Job's warehouse. The guy is absolutely hideous. Some people I know were tenants of his and he treated them like absolute crap (used them to clean up the place and then once they'd had it cleaned, fixed up, painted, at their own cost mind you, he kicked them out). He's been an absolute @$$hole to me the two times I went there. I had no idea what was up with him till one of the Professors at Uni told me the guy is a notable bigot (the Professor's wife got abused by him as well) and has apparently been cited for it. Spew.

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