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I don't know how they (single parents) do it! Bloody hard work on your own...hope your day is better tomorrow!!


Whoah, hang in there!

Have you ever read Margaret Simon's collection of the weekly columns she wrote for the Australian? It's called Chooks, Kids and Wheelbarrows, or something like that (that almost but not quite rolls off the tongue). It's quite lovely.


Single parenting is horrid. I'm hopeless at it, so much so that I get someone to stay with us, or we go somewhere else while the Mr is away. Urgh.


this made me laugh - I had to read it out to my husband!! Trips away are ok as long as it's me going! There certain shortcuts in parenting and general life which occur if I find myself in temporary single parent mode! It's that or I lose it completely:-) Happy days!


I'm with you. I'm a terrible single parent. I need The Date!

Sorry 'bout the dog farts but it made me laugh. x

Claire Falkingham

I hear you, on all counts! My little P back at school today, and I'm now kicking myslef for all the 'just give me 5 mins to check my emails' comments! Shit, they reach deep into our souls!


Yep, I think the same thing whenever my husband goes on trips. I grump along because the meals, fun, discipline, transportation, etc. etc. are down to me but it's a mere matter of days before the cavalry comes back. Single parents have their acts together in ways I can only whine about. There really should be a Single Parents' Day when we all raise a toast to those who do it, day in and day out, on their own. That's some dedication!

Lola Nova

I have been caught lagging behind in my blog reading, trying to catch up a bit. Sympathies to your lone parenting, the 'Bearded One' is often away on business and it feels like a hurricane.

Your vignettes have absolutely inspired me, just the little something I needed to re-ignite a spark. As always, the photos are brilliant.

Deep breaths


Oh stop it. If you're still alive at 8.30pm, you're doing well. I actually like the time my partner is away - twice a year at least at the moment on uni residentials. I get to do it my way without, what's that word, compromise.
Where did you get Simons' book? Have you seen a reprint?
I've been trying to get it for years. She is actually the News editorial trainer and I've trained under her (actually, I listened to a whole bunch of subs whinge at her and felt sorry for her to have to deal with subs' pent up angst, we're a whiny lot). Anyhoot, will check your link and see if it's in print again. Woot.


HAH! Hahahaha....and I did the single-parenting for a year and a half and I'm stuck wondering too...how on earth did I do it? Geez...it's so much easier(and a whole lot nicer) being two! Not to mention other perks...
Hugs ;o)

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