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Am entirely confused. Didn't you just confirm that you have been an interior designer since you were six?

Two Tuesdays

Personally I think that furniture removal/re-arranging, without the interior design monniker, would be a far superior career. So much fun. Such a great insight into the way others live.

I love your kitchen dresser. Beautiful.


LOVE this one!


How could one be sick of vignettes. I am loving the vignettes. It's only adding fuel to fire that you should be styling (and you can sing that to the Bee Gees, You Should Be Dancing). And photographing. And crafting. All day. Every day.


I love your vignettes too. Post them to your heart's content. Your home must be just lovely.

I struggle to take a photo of a person out of a frame. It's like a pretty big statement about the person's worth I think, in a funny sort of "I am over thinking this" sort of way.


Love the photo of those two little girls and the fact that you couldn't take their photo out! How strange to think that in some way these strangers are a part of your family now!


Oh - a real Marigold. I wanted Marigold for my daughter but my partner wouldn't be in it - he said it isn't a real name.


Hi Nan, I've just been over at the Quilt project website, and your square made me laugh so much! it's fantastic!! I love the originality of it fab!!

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