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Hooray for the crazy whippet! Love that photo!


That picture of the crazy whippet is fabulous.


YAY! Welcome to the dark side!

Once hooked, you will never look back...


Our crazy greyhound does that. Apparently it's called the Cockroach Position (so the greyhound flickr group tells me). Nutso beasts.

I've been madly crocheting the last few weeks. Can.not.stop. My giant granny square blanket is on my lap as I type, and I hook a bit while I wait for web pages to load. Addicted ...


Sheesh - that's a lot of sheep poo.
I am a lover of sheep poo on the garden - it's the best poo.
(love the last shot)


Loving the crazy whippet. Our big old wolf hound sunbathes too. He's such a giant that it looks hilarious. He mustn't see this photo... wolves aren't allowed on sofas (most of the time!).


i'm a bit crazy for granny squares, got over 100 now, just need to tackle the putting them together ...


Go Nan! There will be no stopping you with the hook now - live that the whippet has taken all the sunshine and the small one engrossed in her book misses out.

Angela Osborn

I have just learned to crochet granny squares! It's such fun! I've only done a few though and have no idea how to put them together!


Ahhhhhh, dog love!

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