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Rummage! Lovely to hear from you.

I had the biggest with croup two weeks ago and just as the seal bark died a slow death, the smallest got a middle ear infection.

Needless to say, not much sleep was had by all involved.

Wrestler is a fantastic flick, although I did find it hugely depressing. Loved black swan but found it really disturbing...I reckon it was the contacts that tipped me over.

Enjoy the soup x

Pip Evans

Hi Nan, the idea of soup must be in the air, or perhaps it is because of the season? Nah...silly me... I also produced a flavoursome pot of soupy goodness this week. Using whatever I had on hand (my usual trick) I came up with pumpkin and zucchini, which may have been unremarkable except for the addition of a good slurp of Worcestershire sauce...even Saffy the cat was hovering around for leftovers!
So sorry to hear that one of your little angels has been unwell...take care sweetie and love to allxxx


I loved the Wrestler too! And that soup looks great. I might have to hunt down the recipe!


Croup in this household too.Such an antisocial illness!
PS. 16 Lovers Lane is the one album I NEVER get sick of.....




I know that barking like a seal from my oldest son. Is your daughter o.k. again?


Poor small! Love to you all. x


i loved the wrestler and felt indifferent about the black swan, maybe too much hype, i also love kylies chicken & corn soup :)

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