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cath@ chunkychooky

Did I tell you I stayed there on your recommendation? In May and it was as good or better than you said. love it.I will absolutely return. Also nearby to it is a tapas bar called Anada.: http://anada.com.au/ beautiful! seriously beautiful!!!

Have a lovely time.
Your photos always have such good light.


Have you tried Victoria Hotel on Little Collin St? Hope it helps! xx

215 Little Collins Street


What's the diff between a fishtail hairdo and a bog standard plait? My girl-kids can't tell me, even though they are besotted with the mermaid version. Shall consult the Mormons and see what they have to say for themselves...


PS. I know nothing useful about Melbourne because I live here and have been known to consult your guide. Ask me about Holland or London and I might have something of rivoting interest to recommend...Helpful? Non?

Garage Girl

Can recommend Kanteen cafe for some breakfast, coffee or simply Melbournian people watching. http://www.kanteen.net/map.html
I loved the decor and the atmosphere - well worth it if you're in South Yarra. Lovely way to start the morning or break up the day. Melbourne Supper Club is always good for a drink before or after other engagements. Enjoy!

narelle phillips

Its not in the city, but I love The Hatton, South Yarra for just plain nice and stylish!!

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