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Jodie Wilson

your house is just so colourful! it puts a smile on my face!...it's amazing how books can make you feel cosy and at home...i so need some bookshelving too!


FAR OUT! They are perfect.

Loving your weekend snaps this week & also loving the idea of you and the big strumming away together.

Shall look forward to the lighting reveal.


Mrs BC

'Insane in the membrane - Insane! Got no brain!' Turned CH off around here, too.

Love your bookshelf, & I love that you celebrate books. People walk into my lounge room & say that I need to get rid of some books, I say How Rude! I need more!

Please vlog when you start busking?

Thrifty Household

A cacophony of colour! I love it...


i love all those colours, what a happy space, it drives me a little crazy that "the hours" is upside down at the bottom of the pile in the last photo ....!!


Your temporary bookshelfs are gorgeous and they look a hell of a lot better than my permanent bookshelves! Thanks for sharing.


I was in my (homemade) satin prom dress jumping up and down singing hits from the bong!
Also, damn your house is awesome. Why must you live so far away?


those bookshelves, temporary or not, are just plain ace.


love the new spring banner

Garage Girl

I love your photography skills. It's a privilege to be so welcomed into your home and fills me with joy. I'm getting the undercurrent of work ruining all our lives but it being a necessary evil it's good to kick back in such lovely surroundings! Thanks for the inspiration - all that light in your house - I'm envious and tempted to knock holes in my terrace walls!

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