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For years now I have found that REM's Try Not To Breathe is the best song for swimming laps. It's just the right tempo for my slow strokes. And then there is that breathing issue in the words.

I will try not to breathe
I can hold my head still with my hands at my knees
These eyes are the eyes of the old, shivering and bold

So I totally understand the wham thing. If I was a runner it would probably be my favourite running song too. That, or U2s Brautiful Day (I would totally do air punching as I ran, Rocky style).


Wake me up before you go go is the small favourite song - is on high rotation here :)


If I do try running (which is unlikely to be honest...) I will definitely try your Wham! recommendation. Might follow up your movie recommendation, too! thank you x


Love the Cercis / Forest Pansy about to burst into flower. I had one in the front garden but it did not survive my Darwinian approach to Victorian water restrictions. Am also deeply admiring of your life sans kids. When my husband and I get the rare chance to live without kids we tend to sit around just catching our breath and before we know it they are back.


I've been a long time reader but this is my first comment! Just wanted to say I hoped you enjoyed the gig tonight, perhaps you might have spotted my husband on bass...

Pip Evans

I, myself am partial to Status Quo, especially 'down down' when attempting to exercise, however I did manage to walk every night last week for at least 3 1/2 kms without falling down...so it sounds like we are both going well! Nan, you are my inspiration...xxx enjoy Jeff Lang...xxx

Dolores @ A Labour of Love

Love Jeff Lang, haven't seen him perform for a few years. He always puts on an awesome show.


Joanne Brown

Love the profusion of colour in your life, being more of a muted colour girl myself (got a lot to do with my pale colouring). Would be great if you could review the restaurant as I've no idea where to eat out anymore.....


Flat out love that pic of your bottle collection.

Flat out love The French.

Flat out love you.


new favourite walking song (cannot for the life of me run)
Baby I'm burnin'-Dolly Parton. but I am partial to a bit of wham myself....

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