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Nan, you are awesome, and funny and clever, and beautiful, and talented. And Nan, I just love you.


Wow. What a beautiful comment, Lex. I think you are all those things and so much more. Would love to see you again one of these days when you are heading to Canberra. You guys would be most welcome to bunk here.   Wishing all the best and brightest to you in this brand spanking new year. Xxxxxxxxx


Great resolutions, especially nos 12, 18 and 20! Love the photo of the vintage clothes. It makes me want to rush out and increase my wardrobe of vintage clothes.


Happy New Year to you and all at the house of rummage!

Very much looking forward to seeing more of you here Nan and if you need someone to help you out with point 1...look no further!



Right. You are booked. Some time in the next few months. Craft cameras alcohol and Twilightathon. Xxxxxxps happy new ear!!! X


Did you take that fabulous dressing table home? Ai yi yi. All worthwhile resolutions. The laughing like a hyena I like. I've had to tone my outbursts down - people stopped and hovered over their keyboards with fear in their eyes. That and there's not been much funny happen at work for a while. Happy New Year Ms Rummage.


Nan I would happily spend lunchtimes arguing with you, as long as I got to join in the laughter in the hallways.


This is a magnificent list. Number 2 is on my (half written) list as well! Happy New Year, I'm looking forward to reading more of your shit here. Cx.


I love your resolutions, esp. no. 2 My idea of success used to be sexy matching bra a pantie combos every day like Heather Locklear in Melrose Place.

Pam Sizemore

Best resolutions ever! I wish you success!

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