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Cath @ mybeardedpigeon

I just fell a little bit more in love with you.
So wonderfully put. Xx


I am so glad to hear someone say what I have been thinking!

More and more I see a Jingoistic upswell of nationalism hand in hand with intolerance and bigotry.

Thanks for being brave and swimming against the tide.


So very, very well put.


Nice post. Wholeheartedly agree.

Moira Hickman

Excellent post ms rummage
enough to cause me to leave my lurking status for a moment and make a comment.
i liked seeing this post today on facebook and thought you might too
PS love your blog

carol @ perennial

Beautifully written. Completely agree.


Of course Abbott knew what he was doing. The timing was horrible on his part and particularly divisive. Then to come out and say he was verballed - oh please!

Regardless of the ugliness of that day in Canberra, I dislike what is Australia day. What I do like is the citizenship ceremonies and the acknowledgment of good in the community. But lets not do that on a day when some white peeps lobbed up and stole a nation.


A brave and insightful piece Nan. White Australignise the idea needs to do a wgole lot more to recognise the indeginous Australians x


Applause from over the ditch. I agree about the issues of national days. In NZ Waitangi day 'celebrates' a treaty that resonates for its mistranslation issues. Nationalism is always a problematic concept for the way it promotes chauvinism towards other nations and more especially for the way it both glosses over and celebrates the excesses and horrors of colonisation. Thank you for this post.


Thank you for sharing this. It's always wonderful to see a view other than blind patriotism when it comes to Australia Day.

I was incredibly saddened by the events of January 26 this year. For Abbott to say (and believe) such things just goes to show how out of touch with reality he actually is and I think the reactions from the media and much of the public prove that the opposite of Abbott's remarks is in fact true.

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