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Music can be intense for me too, it can make me ecstatic, make me cry, it has made me vomit. My parents and sisters are the same. Somehow I am married to someone who just doesn't get these intense feelings from music at all. Weird I say.


Love the supermarket description.


Beautiful post. Music can be so evocative of details in our past. The other night I put together a mixed collection of 80's and 90's hits. It was quite strange just what memories surfaced while I was listening. They take us to another time and place.


I also love the supermarket moment here. I know this feeling but it could be music or a sound or a scent. For me a moment in a film often does this by evoking some recognition and that's melodrama!! Melos is the music that adds to, enhances, heightens, underscores the drama! Just like life. I really like this post!


It is lovely to read about you starting the process. I have to admit while I've been asking everyone to submit a song, I've found it impossible to pick as well. I'm the same - there are songs I just can't hear anymore, because even after so much time I just go to water. I love idea about the memories of colour and scents...the idea of the project was really how music can immediately take you back to a point in time. Like magic. Can't wait to see what you end up choosing.

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