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So so glad you are all ok. Hope that horrible shakey feeling goes away soon.


Jesus Nan! glad to hear you and your precious cargo are a.ok.

Have a bottle xx


Good grief! What a shock for you all. I hope that wine soothes those nerves.


Carol @perennial

Definitely a moment that calls for wine. Glad you are all safe.


A thousand wonderful hallelujahs... car crashes are instant splitingly fast.


I think it's the noise of a car crash.
And that feeling of uncontrol in slow motion.
You poor things.
Biggest, hugest love to you all.
I wish you the most boring Sunday.


Gah, I *hate* crashes, so glad to hear that you and your girls are just fine. I have been in accidents and stopped at accidents (nothing too bad), called ambulances and hugged strangers after helping them out of car windows, it is all so surreal and awful and relieving when all is ok. Peaceful sleep and happy Sunday to your and sweet ones. xo


Heart in throat over here. Gulp vino for me too please. And do something really boring tomorrow - just to humour me?

Mike Clark

Good thing everyone was safe! I was moved with how the people managed to help you go through with it, even if no one got bruised, injured, or hurt in any way. They must’ve seen how emotional you all were after the accident… Car accidents do happen quickly, but the effects are sometimes lasting.

Javier Hoppes

It's great to know that there are people who helped you after the crash. This is a scary experience, but at the same time, it's heartwarming to see people you barely know help you and your daughters. Knowing a good personal injury lawyer can also be a big help to you in times like this.

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