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Dark times are part of the ups and downs of life. Have I told you about my friend who, when my partner were going through a dark time recently (I moved out for a month earlier this year... see the things you don't get on my blog for reasons I posted about this month). Anyhoot the friend, who I also know had had her share of ups and downs in marriage was pretty damn simple about it all. She said she made this vow for better or worse, and just figured the downs were "the worse". How bloody damn simple is that? It was a light bulb moment for me. Like, duh, who was I kiddin' that this would be a walk in the park? It sure as hell didn't start as one so what chapter of what smushy romance have I been reading - possibly even rolling up and sucking in deep on?
Glad to hear there are sparkly moments in the house of Rummage. Been thinking about you lots Nan.


Your family and you are the very best kind of people Elf. You know too well how I feel about you, The French and the semi-Frenches.

Two roads and all that...The French knows his stuff. Lots of love to you.

Glad you chose the pretty picture. x


I've just bedecked myself in all-over pompoms and performed a mighty impressive cheerleader routine, complete with half-pike-twist-somer-sault things and a clamber up to the very top of the person pyramid. That's how bloody glad I am. Because I am not a cheerleader type and the last time I performed convincing splits was in 1983.

Ellie - Petalplum

Love is grand, but it's also a whole lot of other things and easy isn't one of them. The French sure seems like a most good and true and loving man. Aren't we women lucky to have these sorts of men in our lives, who will love us totally unconditionally while we run around being silly women.
Enough - other side. I hope you're back here. do like your pretty pictures and your words.


You dont appreciate the good until you experience the not.so good. Cliche but true.

Lots.of love xx

Hyena In Petticoats

Gosh, lady - you've made me all teary at my desk. All my love to you, and Olive, and the smalls - I may just go and waste some time at work looking up flights to Canberra.....xxx


"dear hearts and gentle people" we all need some of those in our lives, that's for sure. Sounds like you've got one in the Frenchy. Keep him. I didn't commment on "that" post because I'm a stranger in these parts, and I didn't know what to say. I'm glad to read you are all o.k. I've been wondering...


Enough now - love that saying - its so perfect when its just time to move on. I was my mantra a couple of years back!
Well done you brave lady x

lexi (pottymouthmama)

Marriage is a bloody hard thing.

I never knew that until I got one. A marriage.

And now I am here, riding that rollercoaster. And I do think of the for better or for worse, for richer for poorer. I try and think of that when I am having the lowest of lows.

Love to you. BIG love to you four. x


I appreciate your return. Sometimes life is just darn hard and then we need to look twice as hard to find colors and patterns and joy and hugs. And we need the joy and hugs along with the rest of it. I will look for the Ruth Park book, I love the kindness of the title.

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